November 5, 2011

Points I noted-05.11.2011

Yeah Today I cant write on any damn subject and still I want to blog... So it simply means I will throw random bullets...Catch them if you can!!!

  • My heart is saying something about my skills and job..My mind is saying something else and third..People are saying something else too...Where to go??? Should I follow my heart as I always do?My job is my life!!! What to do!!
  • I dint pull any one's leg today!! :/
  • I have postponed the whole mobile buying programme! 
  • Now the good part: I had kulfi and chocolate biscuits too!!! :)
  • I am missing my buddies( who are not in the city) like anything now a days.Guys, I missed CCD celebrations also because of you! Damn!
  • My eyes starts burning every 2 hours and I don't have any infection!! May be I am too strong to cry and my tears are not cleaning them properly now a days :P
  • I am even not writing the Kerala chronicles-III!!Okay I will, don't worry! Coming soon!
  • I am waiting for 'Rockstart'!! Ranbir...Mein aa rahi hoooooon!! :)
  • My histrionic behavior makes people think I am an actress working in some serials..!! :P
  • I wish to have a cup of coffee with my brother who can travel with the speed of light(hahaha) and land over  here!!! Listening to me...???
  • I want to buy the mobile but...!! 
PS: I have made the plan to harass one of my good friends-Hint: College friends! Here I call.. :P


  1. I love the Kulfi bit. and point no 1 is what I am going through as well..