November 2, 2011

The Delay!

Yeah I am ready to explain why delay is there from my side for Kerala Chronicles-II! As you know I am majboor with 12th science habit of writing to the point style, again I am there with random reasons of THE DELAY!

  • Internet connection! It is such a pain with Tata photon! Tough to upload photos in the blog and I end up doing blunders every time!!! :/ The biggest guilty is The Internet!
  • My lazy nature to install an airtel broadband connection!
  • Travelling phobia has attacked me! I don't want to travel for some unknown reasons for some days and unintentionally I have missed a meeting at Nashik! :/ I am helpless!! The phobia keeps me busy mentally and I actually get irritated --->so the reason -1 again appears and the loops starts!
  • I should buy an extra cupboard for me..The mess on the bed and sofas refuse me to sit and blog with patience!So photoupdation and blogging is impossible! We 3 girls have hell lot of things which we can call 'A collection'!
  • A mouse!Yeah a mouse was seen in our room! I am not able to focus :/
  • I am missing some of my buddies and I am not missing some of my people! I am confused on which point I should ponder over! Phew!
  • 2 close friends getting married on 2 consecutive days in 2 cities! One north one in Maharashtra! I am feeling the Dharamsankat!! God please help me or worst: Please let me get married on that day!(No..Just a dialogue!) My half of the day passes in dharamsankat-worries!
  • I am really worried about my lazy nature to go and shop for upcoming 4-5 marriages! I am tired of shopping done by others also! I dont want to shop for some months now!! Again worries-No photo blog!
  • My laptop is having some amazing problems with my i-pod and my Photon! I am fighting! :/
Above all reasons can be taken as 'Bahanas' okay! I promise to write the second part in 2 dayz! :)

PS: I need to go to CCD! It has been ages it seems!CCD and Friends! OEMs at Delhi and Pune will always get cursed for some reasons by me! Ahem!

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