November 9, 2011

Robocon Rendezvous!

The ABU ROBOCON is a very very (read 3 more times!) prestigious competition worldwide. All domestic competitions in my college tenure used to be in MIT,Pune! Coming from a government college , we used to be in a 'Bhikhari' state all the time, but it became the best part to learn zillion things and also to have fun!

I found out about this competition in the first year. All seniors used to tell , its difficult to become the team member of the same! I used to think of a big shot Robcon team of our college. I don't remember precisely from where I became the core team member of it and became the only girl and the youngest team member (for 2 years!) but I certainly love the fun and learning  I could get. When it came to work it was fun with frustrations to perform! At the same time I was the most pampered member of all Bhaiyas in the team! :)

  • Making presentations for sponsorships. Going to companies and present/getting kicked out too!
  • Asking for helps at different industrial shades and garages!
  • We had a budget of the amount , which was the cost of rival team's (Talking about only one team, the winner team) single motor!! :P
  • Visiting chor-bazars to buy motors and other parts to build robos in our (read-low) budget!
  • Working for the whole day from 8 in the morning  to 11 at night(for me).
  • The bihari watchman chacha outside our lab , who had so much proud that a girl is working inside ,safely under his surveillance!! Actually I should thank all Bhiayas who actually came to drop me! Of course my parents who let me cultivate my passion!
  • My fights with dad! Yes he was the active (or not so) guide of the team being a part of automation industry!
  • The fun and laughter attacks when Robo structures and electronics relationship doesn't  go hand in hand!
  • Making a dummy field (We used to make only 1/4th of the actual field due to lack of space.) for days!
  • Programming which I never did only tried to destroy!!!
  • Dummy fights with spanners , hammers and saws! Yeah I was in the guy's world!
  • Singing songs while making structures to maintain momentum and keep eyes open!
  • Waking up guys (who used to stay all night at lab) in the morning at 9! I used to come from home at 8 and let them go home and get freshen up!
  • My efforts to learn embeded C! Ooops I still cant deal with it!
  • Electronic guys and the mechie guys/gal -fights always!
  • Holding big robo structures in hand , going to the garage on the bike for welding and re-welding!
  • My hat trick of slipping from my Activa in a day's time, with 2 destroyed jeans and bandages all over hands and legs!
  • The frustrations when line sensors used to fail and we always get kicked out of competition!
  • At the MIT, eating maggies for 5 days,shooting videos apart from working crazy! It was so much fun! I can write a different post for 'on the board' robocon incidents!
  • The drilling machine I used to love! For maintaining the weight ,we had to drill a lot in dead beams  and it was entirely done by me! I was so proud! :P
  • Our fights with gripper mechanisms of robots which used to work when not needed and malfunction when needed :P
  • Fights for T-shirts ,caps of ROBOCON ..Ooops they were mock fights to have fun!
  • Mac-D at Kothrud , our last day dinner venue for years! After our elimination , the frustrated 'us'; used to have fun at Mac-D!
There are many many and many more memories related to ROBOCON, It has been the main reason for the passion I have for my core mechanical engineering. Little I knew , It would drive me to my first job, so so many best buddies , my rocking life and what I am today!

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