November 24, 2011

Extended independence on My Father's day!

Your truly is in college finale year. The full fledged engagement of a cousin is going on.
*Gossiping Gossiping going on*
1 Girl is standing in the corner and wondering what to do! (Gossiping with aunties is the last option!)
Suddenly meets a group of cousins and the session of dancing is going on! Masti in the air!!

Scene: (After  2 days!)
Papa picks the ringing phone : " Hello"
" Hi, this is so and so, My son is so and so, we loved your daughter. My son liked her. If possible..."
" She is too young mister."
"We are ready to wait for 2 years!"
"No, please don't go for so young girls and please leave my daughter!"

Mumma worried about my father's Blood pressure and also about daughter's future!
"Don't talk to all like this. This is the first match we have got!"
"My daughter is very young , let them be first! I don't care!"

Me *Grinning at mom with victory dance in my mind!*


After 2 years of the previous scene:

In Kerala, Nov,2011 :

Mom: "The guy is very good , ekdum open minded , family is chilled out and based in the metro city."
Papa : "No, she needs time."
Mom:"The guy is 3 years elder to her ,means well settled and matured also!"
Papa:"She is also matured enough, give her sometime please!"
Mom: "But, your sister has only approved him , he is the best for her!"
Papa:"She is still young , lets close the issue!"

Me *Grinning at mom with victory dance in my mind!*
SMS conversation with Papa:

Me: "Papa, Save me from aunties!!! Don't handover me to anyone so soon!"
Papa: "Beta , don't take tension , I have pulled brakes! It was difficult to stop your mom's supersonic-get my daughter -married-mission! But, I was successful, now enjoy life for at least 1.5 years!

*Grinning and again a victory dance!*

Papa ho jab sath , to darneki kouno nahi baaat!!!

I am celebrating my independence day with Father's day today!!! :P

PS: Many many happy returns of the day didi!!! :)


  1. You have put the right 'Brakes' this time.


  2. @Shana: Shanpattti haa!!! Btw last time, I replaced "brakes"! Check it out :P