November 22, 2011

Bubbling Bollywood-music!

When my team-mate pinged on the communicator, saying he is getting bored in the meeting and asked me if any song I want! For a moment, I went blank! I know him well , and I knew getting any data from him is next to impossible and we share the same intrest when it comes to music, I took the opportunity fatttakse!

I asked for some very new songs if he has , as per our interest we started floating towards old Bollywood, The era of Kishore Kumar , Asha Bhonsle , Lata Mangeshkar to Mohhd. Rafi! Bingo, it clicked with,

Pukarata chala gaya,
Gali gali bahar ki,
Bas ek chhaon zulf ki,
Ek nigah pyar ki....!

It was the first spark of the day! I was getting into an obsession!

The second spark came in the evening ,when I had a fight with one of my friends , and we decided not to be on talking terms and started playing Antakshari instead! Almost same kind of songs we loved , so it was obvious that we would again float into the same Kishore Kumar and Rafi era...Boy..We were discussing Manna Dey to!

"Laga chunari mein daag chhupau kaise" to "Yahooooo" ! I remembered "Taron mein sajake apne suraj se, dekho dharati chali milane!"...Thanks Shane for recalling -"Tum jo mil gae to.."

Those 2 sparks were enough to go home and open my "Ever green songs" folder and listen to them for the rest of the day! I was heeding on  " Bhawaren ki ghunjan hai mera dil" to  "Hothon mein esi baat"..

The best was " Baharon fool barsao,Mera mehboob aya hai..."

Eventually I ended up indulging in  the folder "Ghazal" on my laptop and ahoy....

"Ankhon se door na ho, dil se utar jaega,
Vakhta ka kya hai,Guzarta hai guzar jaega;
Itna Mayus na ho, Ilwate gum se,
tu kabhi khud ko dekhega to bhi dar jaega"-By Lata Mangeshkar.

"Rat bhi, nind bhi kahani bhi, hay kya chiz hai javani bhi,
dil to sholose karti hai sailab, Zindagi bhi aag bhi pani bhi."-By Chitra Singh!

I was stunned by her melodious voice!

The bubbled out Bolly-old time , made me thing the current scene of Bollywood music, where we sing,

"Wanna be my chhammakchallo...o..o???"

Where is THE REAL STUFF boss??


  1. My Favourite:

    Pal do pal Ka yeh safar , Pal do pal ka saath and your interpretation of the same.


  2. @Shana: I thought you will reply by some amazingly difficult song by lyrics or soor :P but the song you mentioned is my fav too! maaf kar dia :P