November 21, 2011

Shooting bullets..

Now one of my friends told me so so many times in 2 days that I have become violent! So here are bullets of my life....Dhishkau...
  • My roomie is getting married this week, I have realized finally! It makes me feel sad and I know there is a change going to come in our lives!
  • I feel terrible when the same roomie shows amazing maturity! (read, she behaves as if she is the gyani baba of the place!)
  • For the first time I am feeling OK and much much better and confident after most of my office buddies left my current company!
  • Some more resignations on the way, my gut feelings are strong!
  • I have got the ,sava sher' , who can pull my leg like hell... But but, I am going to sharpen my skills and mukabala barabari ka rahega! Reply: I will let you win!! :( I cant even answer now!! :/
  • I am really feeling jealous of some of my friends who play badminton regularly!Gosh, frock buddy N, I miss you!
  • I have started drinking water, yes yes, I am trying hard to take care of myself.
  • I want to update my I-pod as it is still in the era of 'Aaja nachle' and 'Jab we met'! Kambakht, I-tunes and Windows 7 ne dhokha de dia dossst!!!
  • I am eager to watch 'Chhoti si baat'! Oye shane sun raha hai? 
  • My bro-buddy (Delhi fame) has promised me something , I am waiting for the new year! :)
  • My roomie's nephew stays at our place sometime, and just today we heard she called me by my name!! What a feeling!!! :)
  • I really loved when my brother smsed me the title track of our favourite cartoon, Scooby Dooby Doo...!! 
  • My niece who just visited my home-town, threw my cat into a bucket of water and now in the dustbin!!! I know it was just a small teddy!! Ahem! Her last sleep!


  1. hmmm...DB evryone is matured than u..:P:P

  2. @Anonymous:khul ke samane aao,hum fir batate hai! :P