November 20, 2011

The Senior on Saturday & A Sunday with Shana!

Apart from my heavy and really heavy headaches and shopping blues , I met a number of juniors on Saturday! Ahoy, I felt so coool! I am the senior now!! Common! Its fun! The great irony is some of them are elder to me!!!!The lovely group has some of my very very best friends! They are cool, They are awesome, The are fun and yes...One of them is a great cook!!! :) I am now a matured senior mam of all!(No laugh, okay!?)

The fun part of Sunday started with my quest with the ticket checker on Dadar station, It took bloody 10 minutes to get over him!(Most of the time was spent in finding punched tickets from my bag!)...After one trial of getting on the train with my friend , we actually had to take a cab and went to the hall to see the natak 'Kanji Vs Kanji'!Now let me introduce to this friend of mine ,and I (& now you all will) call him 'Shana'!

The cab reached, Shana told me to purchase tickets of the show and he was to give cash to the cab-driver. I went inside the gate , where I got to know its not the gate of the main hall and I have to go through a lane beside the place. I thought I would tell him to finish the payment of cab and come,I looked back where the cab was parked. I was shocked there was NO ONE standing there, not even a cab! I checked up the ground if any case Shana had gone made and started playing cricket with kids! The same moment I realized while struggling to take the train on the railway station I had given my mobile to him!!!Now I had no ways of calling him..I don't remember any mobile numbers these days! (My stupid mind didn't realize, I could have called on my own number!) I still had courage to go the ticket window and purchase tickets. I finished the booking stuff and walked over observing and thinking what can be done!..Suddenly I noticed 'Shana' searching me after some 15 minutes!! I was relaxed, blank,confused!He was laughing! He had asked cab driver to go to police station when demanded double amount!!Here I was lost and ek ajnabi area mein.... :P :P  We laughed a lot on this,but actually I was about to cry as I had already cooked up a story of kidnapping of  The 'SHANA'!

As we had some hours to spend in south Mumbai,before the show starts , we went to 'Moshe' , Where we had the most delicious Blueberry cheese cake ,Geoey chocolate cake, Pasta!!Yummiest ever food I had since ages!!! Over eating made us walk a loooooong in anjan and not at all andheri galiyan of South Mumbai.I as usual kept on chattering, forgetting about my ill health and had superb time :)

The hall was already half full when we reached , I was feeling home! Gujarati language in pure form was attracting me inside! The natak itself needs a separate post on this blog! R.E.S.P.E.C.T with 10/10 star for direction, dialouges to acting!It made us laugh like anything and made us emotional at the same time!

The post-natak session was fun with 'Rustam' ice creams of marine drive!! Shana made me roam around the actual beauty of Mumbai! :) Churchgate to Dadar in the train was spent sleeping by yours truly! God bless Shana for the whole day blabbering and then sudden silence by me!

I am not able to digest that I slept so peacefully after my being' officially insomniac!' As, I had the time of my life!! Shane ki shanpatti worked!!! :)

PS: I missed Shana's expressions when he tried to find me by dialing my mobile number and found his name displayed as 'Shana' on my mobile which was with him actually!


  1. It is said that when a person sleep peacefully after a long ordeal , the serenenity and peace on the face of that person is contagious and the smile is bewitching. Well!!I saw the truth in the statement yesterday..

    Loved it!!!!!


  2. @Shana: Boss!! I can only smile on your comment! :) Btw I am relaxed you were not kidnapped! :P