November 25, 2011

Game(s) bana dali...

Being the eldest child amongst all cousins (of my generations!Not ones who are elder to me by some 10-15 years!) I have some sound memories of games I played, rest of my cousins were followers! I am talking about some silly and extremely silly games! All of them are related with my FB [Frock buddy N!,who is my neighbour, best buddy and guide (??!!?!?) and more of like an elder sister now :)]

A very very common game for any girl. Some how what we played was different. I had a lot lot many utensils to play with and some toys were with my frock buddy N. In summer vacations when her parents will be off to their offices , her grand mother will be sleeping, we would start playing! First we would be dealing and distributing toys. We will make our homes under the huge dining table. I still remember from my two dolls one was barbie and the neck was broken from the mould. My dear Papa who dint know about aesthetic importance, had joined both the part with a brown cello tape.We used to plan a drama that the barbie doll was murdered and we were the spies! (Thanks to some spy serials like Byomkesh Bakshi!)

I still remember on of the 'bhaiyas' of neighbourhood, of FB's age (2 years elder to me!) used to ask for the role and we used to make him 'palatu kutta' tying dupatta around his neck once!! :/ Sorry bhaiya!

I dream of Genie.
The normal game, locally called '9 Khana'! Where we have to draw 3*3 square with all partition lines. In first round without touching boundaries,we have to walk in a certain pattern. Then skipping one square, 2 squares,jumping, with one leg etc.patterns were developed. Every round will throw some candidates out of the game. Final round was the crop from our mind's kheti. We used to love the serial 'I dream of genie' and love the way Genie will say with action and expressions! (Winking her eye!)We have to do the same (Note: Exact!) while walking in the pattern! Silly?No.....Extremely silly now and serious invention of a new game at that time!!

I am ashamed why did we call the game by this name! It was just a 'picture'! We call them films! :/
The difference was it was played while eating kachchaa aam on the big tank of our colony and score was decided while drawing on the tank with chalks!! I hope people reading over here can understand our emotions if not my write up! :P

Mara -mari
This was our own 'eureka' game! We have to draw a circle on the road, tie our hands keeping them at back side and try to push each other out of  the circle with the force of the body!! Hell, now my mom would be knowing why I used be so  dirty after 'play time'! Half of the dirt will be removed at FB's place and rest at mine! So my mom knows only 'the half truth'!The name was not decided! I have named it today only! FB, do you remember the actual name??

There were so so many small games we actually made and played but I guess these are very much clean and sharp in my memories! They were so silly that I pray people can get them while reading the post!

Till then , thinking of one more game to play with, what say FB? :P

Did you make any silly games in bachpan??? :)


  1. hahahaha .... maja aawi gai ...
    btw how can you forget "commander" :P

  2. @FB N: Dhanyabhag humare ki aap yahan padhare! Abey I generally mentioned spy game :P when Barbie was over and out.we started with stones and commander :P :P